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Wayback Playback!

I remember growing up with Three Doors Down and listening to this with my dad driving out of town to a drive in theatre in the summer. It’s crazy thinking that this band is almost 15 years old! Makes me curious what kind of music everyone elses parents showed them as children!

Lydia – Highly Suspect

One of my newest jams lately, something I’ve been obsessed with is this song. It’s so aggressive and it gives me such a huge release, my neighbours probably aren’t too happy about it! Let me know what you think of it!

Death Cab – Little Desk Concert

As if it hasn’t been made clear enough in the past Death Cab for Cutie is my absolute favourite band. Something about their grim romantic tune always stirs something inside of me. Here’s a 4 piece set that they did recently in the NPR Offices, a local radio stations. It’s got Black Sun  and No Room in Frame, two of their hits off their recent album Kintsugi. I definitely recommend giving it a listen.

Early Morning Vibes

Here’s some Death Cab for Cutie again, probably my favourite band. This song reminds me too much of Kay and I ^.^

Some tunes! Bon Iver

One of my favourite songs out there right now. Can’t get enough of the powerful lyrics. I hope you enjoy! What music do you typically listen to? Let me know down below! 

BroTunes – London Grammar

This set here is a 15 minute set done on a radio show called KEXP, and is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been obsessed with this set for a long time and wanted to share it. Fun Fact – This set was the reason, and inspiration for me doing BroRadio! The “You’ve got a Tune to…” was something I picked up here. 

Some BroTunes!

What’s your favourite band? Let me know down below! Here’s my favourite song, in the entire world. I’ve actually seen Death Cab in concert years ago when they debuted this album and they are absolutely fantastic live. Enjoy!