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New York Pictures!

So you guys know I was in New York last weekend with Josh. We had an absolute blast, and regrettably could only stay for about 2 days total. I brought my brand new Canon Rebel t3i and used it for the first time in the most tourist-y amateur fashion, it was cringe worthy and great. Favourite memory of the trip would have to be either having drinks on top of

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New York City Tater Meetup

I’ll be in NYC from the 17-19th and figured it would be a good time to hold a small get together on the 18th! The plan is to meet at a location, find a food truck or some place to hangout for a solid hour, then find a local bar for a few rounds on me! The location will be public for any potential underage viewers that might want to

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Pictures from this week – July 1st

Some more food porn and good times for July 1st! This was Canada Day. The holiday celebrating Canada coming together under sovereign rule from 3 colonies, 156 years ago. We usually celebrate it the same way as Americans celebrate July 4th. Fireworks, good food, and beer! Enjoy the food porn and check out the view from the beach next to my house!

Pictures from this week – June 30th

So my moderator Chistopher — MrDorkabilly — came up to Barrie this week, on an anniversary of being here last year! We’ve been hanging out, eating good food and doing some casting on BroPlays. A lot of laughs, good talks and some good vibes have been going on this week so far. Enjoy the food porn and don’t complain if you’re hungry!

Pictures from today in Ottawa

Hi Taters! I’m still in Ottawa with Kay. I took lots of pictures today of various comings and goings through the day. These are on the bus for Kay’s exams, at her university, at her apartment, grocery shopping, her apartment. Etc I’m really enjoying just capturing these moments as much as I can. It feels so inspiring.  I’ve arranged them chronographically to tell a small story. I Hope you enjoy! Let

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