Hi everyone, welcome to a new segment I’m launching here on my website dedicated to helping broadcasters on Twitch. These posts will be geared and focused on helping you, or people you know, with the knowledge I have. These posts are not designed to get you a six figure salary from Twitch. They are to help you overcome roadblocks, be a better broadcaster, learn things you didn’t know and help yourself.

Networking as a broadcaster – Big and Small

There is a common, misguided judgement that the only networking you can do on Twitch is with other broadcasters. It’s true, there is a fantastic amount of networking to be done with other casters, but when your only interactions are just networking, you’ll feel very small.

The reality is: “Check out my stream!” Doesn’t work. The broadcasters you are approaching, that you look up to, that you love and watch, can’t give you much of their time. I won’t speak for everyone, but you are looking at those casters as people with thousands of viewers that you want. That’s not networking.

Networking can be anything, but it shouldn’t be the only thing. The first “trick” to networking is to stop approaching people because you want what they have, and start approaching people because you just want to chat. I don’t talk to other casters because they have viewers that could one day be in my community, I talk to them because they’re good people and they are my peers. Make friends, not allies.

It’s true that if you “get in good” with people, they might raid you! They might host you, they might tweet out your show. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get viewers. That won’t give you their 10, 100, or 1000 viewers. That will get you a “shout out, you might get some follows, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get viewers. No viewer is guaranteed, and no viewer is just a number from a shout out, from someone you treated as a person to give you numbers.

There is no right way to network, because it’s as easy as just talking to people. But there is a way to network that will make the people you’re talking to, not feel used and like a meal ticket. 

Some of the best networking I’ve ever done is just from talking in chats. Not advertising myself. Become a known presence in a chat, multiple chats, multiple communities from casters that you enjoy and find like minded people that you might start talking regularly, because networking is done with viewers. 

Not every person you meet is going to be a viewer of yours. The best thing you can do on Twitch is to talk as much as you can, and to be as friendly as you can. This will not boost your viewers, it will not make you successful. Your hard work and determination to your own craft will. But if you are the best person you can be on and off twitch, people will remember you and your name, and they might give you a chance.

Networking isn’t strictly bound to attaching yourself to broadcasters to get a raid or a host from them. Networking is talking to people, no matter who they are. Networking is being everywhere you can be, and ensuring that if there is a conversation to be had you are in there talking! Lurking is fun, I lurk a lot. But nobody knows a lurker by name. As long as you are talking to everyone you see and are respectful to everyone you meet, you can’t do any wrong. Anyone casting long enough can tell who wants to speak because of who you are on Twitch, and who wants to speak to you because you’re you. 

Don’t make networking about you. Don’t talk about your channel. Don’t use other broadcasters.

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