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Engaging your Audience & How they engage you

It’s always a frustrating thing speaking to a brick wall, or speaking to someone you think isn’t listening properly to you, actually hearing what you say. It’s never fun, you hate it and you want them to speak back. You wish so desperately that while you’re speaking they will even acknowledge what you’re saying with a simple “Yeah!”.

This is what it feels like talking to nobody while you’re broadcasting, this is what it feels like with an empty chat. It’s awkward, you feel awkward, they notice you feel awkward and it’s never a good time.

Big up the lurkers, because they make up a huge portion of Twitch.

They aren’t supposed to be engaging you all the time, and they don’t have to acknowledge you all the time. The truth is sometimes it’s easier to just sit back and watch someone than it is to hold a conversation. It’s defeating, talking to people that don’t talk back. But it’s not so defeating when you change your perspective. 

The trick is to stop looking to them for the entertainment, and to start giving it to them. You don’t need a viewer to have an entertaining show or be entertaining. It just feels more validating to have viewers.

The reality is the more you talk, the more chances there are for you to engage. Every second you stream is a second someone could be coming into your channel and gather a first impression on them. Do you want that first impression to be of you silently sitting there?

The more fun you’re having, the more you feel you are entertaining, the more people are going to have fun. 

There is no way to teach how to engage an audience, but I hope with this post people will realize they are looking for their audience to engage them, not on how to engage their audience. My hope is that this will change the perspective people have on what the chat system can be.

Your viewers aren’t asleep, your content isn’t boring if they aren’t talking. You just might not be giving them a reason to talk. 

Engage your viewers with open ended questions, learn to speak with anticipation and enthusiasm. Encourage an atmosphere for people to chat in because of your energy, your excitement and your content. Make it fun and thrilling enough that they want to engage you. Not because they have to. Be yourself, tell your jokes and say what you’re feeling. Talk about what you’re thinking about the game, talk about what you ate for breakfast. Talk about your favourite egg type that you choose every other wednesday and what salt you put on it. Talk.

Common interests, what you like might be what someone else likes. I LOVE Death Cab for Cutie and there are a few viewers of mine that talk to me about that band, a few that talk about my favourite game, my favourite food, my cats. There are always areas of conversation to be had, they don’t always have to be about how someone’s day was. If you met someone through networking somewhere else, talk to them about where you met!

You can read more about Networking on Twitch here.

The best way to get your audience to engage and to keep retention is to understand that if people want to lurk, they are going to. The best way to let them lurk, is to have the best content every day you stream that you can. Put on a show, have fun. Always be aware of if you’re beginning to slouch in your energy and counter that with a massive boost of energy! Every hour I try to encourage new people to say hello, and if they don’t I don’t push any further than that.

If people don’t always chat back, that should be okay! At least you tried, and you can quickly go back to putting on a show, what you’re there on that screen for.

Don’t be discouraged if nobody talks, just be happy about what you’re doing in that moment. Validate your own content, reassure yourself that it’s entertaining. Treat those people that do talk like people, and just go with the flow. But always talk, even when it seems like nobody is listening, because someone usually is.

Engage with your content. Talk constantly. Exude enthusiasm. 

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