Hi Everyone!

Lately on my show I’ve been talking about some changes to my channel and some things that will be changing with BroPlays. Regrettably some of you won’t like this, or might be affected by it, but I am excited for these changes and I’m really looking forward to the future of the channel with them in place!

Starting in June I will be moving my starting time back to 10AM ET instead of Noon EST and ending at 4PM ET. If you are used to my start time, I will be live two hours earlier. This link will provide a visual example of when I start in your timezone.

I’m making these changes for both personal and channel benefits. I need more time to myself in the evenings, and less time to be lazy. Unfortunately with my times ending so late for me, most stores I need to go to (I.E Post Office, Drugstore, Grocery Store Sometimes) are closed and I’m forced to do my errands in the morning 2 hours before my cast. You might have noticed I’ve been starting earlier already, as I’ve been testing this new schedule. I’m loving it. I feel better, I perform better, I feel healthier. There is more time in the day for me to get done what I need to do, and it’s exciting. This change will be permanent starting June but I will be sporadically going live at 10EST this month to prepare everyone and get people used to it.

This means more Night Streams! On nights that I don’t have much to do, I can go live at 7PM and stream until 10, I’ll be playing Destiny and other silly games to just mess around. So this will hopefully make up for the 2 hours you might miss.

I am sincerely sorry if this changes your ability to watch the show.

I never wanted to change my times, but this is what is best for me.

BroPlays will be changing! 

Starting June I will be starting a new game every Tuesday! Rather than making myself play a new game every week and sometimes having to play two or three, it will start every Tuesday instead. This will allow me to plan for new games much easier, and will allow my playthroughs to be more consistent, professional and allow you to get more excited! Instead of announcing the next days game an hour before the end of my cast or on our current schedule link, you will immediately know what next Tuesday’s game will be.

If I don’t complete a game by the next Tuesday, I will be continuing it. Exceptions will always be made for this. 

Destiny and Darkest Dungeon will be my MAIN GAMES!

If I do complete a game before the next Tuesday, I’ll be playing Destiny or Darkest Dungeon until the next Tuesday! This change will allow me to keep in schedule with BroPlays’ new format, and will allow me two main games to have something to go back to. I love the current format, but it’s unintentionally sporadic and it makes it very hard to grow the channel. True variety is not a good thing for a channel, and BroPlays will be able to flourish much easier off of this new format. If you’re not a fan of Destiny, thats okay! there is Darkest Dungeon as well, and vice versa.

I will also be playing Destiny on my night streams. I’m really looking forward to putting out consistent, entertaining content that we can all enjoy and be able to enjoy in a natural environment rather than a forced one of having to start a new game day after day or every few days.

These changes are happening because unfortunately True Variety is dead on Twitch in my humble opinion. I cannot look at making this a career jumping between three or four games every week or playing a game I might not like or you might not like for two weeks straight. I need to think on my feet sometimes and make changes for the better, no matter how some people might feel. I am sincerely sorry if you can’t be excited for these changes like I am, but I would always appreciate just giving it a chance.

Additional exclusive content is going to be uploaded to My Youtube of games that I normally wouldn’t play on my cast! These will feature games like Rogue-Lites like Binding of Isaac, Faster than Light, Crypt of the Necrodancer, etc. As well as games like Spelunky, Trials Fusion and more Darkest Dungeon! I will also be cooking up edited and professional VLOGS once a week to showcase Twitch News, Gaming News, Personal and show related news and more! BroTalks will be an edited, professional quality show rather than an Iphone vlog show. (You can help make this happen sooner over on my Patreon!)

I’m really excited for these changes and I hope everyone can be too! I think some people will hardly notice a change in the content, and if they do notice I hope it is a good kind! I am absolutely open to feedback and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below so please leave me some! Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me in the past, and who will support me on this new journey of my show. This is the future of BroPlays and it is looking extremely bright for me. These changes took a lot of personal reflection and a lot of strength to make, I had to suck up my pride and realize what I am doing, might not be the best I could be doing. I am humbled to have the support I have, and I hope you will all join me for the future of BroPlays. Thank you.

P.S. New Emotes coming soon, New shirts this week, New sub alerts this week and new channel art next month! HYPE!! 

Thanks for reading!

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