I’m not much of a comic book fan, at all. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, I just can’t find a place to start and am too lazy to try. I’m not a huge super hero movie buff either albeit I wish I was. To me, the Christopher Nolan films of Batman are the sole depiction I have of Batman. I’m sure this is a pretty common thing among most people, and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty unfortunate.

Batman: Arkham Knight changed that.

Batman: Arkham Knight and it’s stellar controls, fluid combat and awesome story changed that for me completely. It warped the perspective of Batman in a world without Halls or Ricola, to Batman in a world with city repair men that are super human. (Seriously, I’m a really bad driver.)

For those that haven’t played or heard: Batman: Arkham Knight takes place in Gotham – Duh — post Jokers death. With Joker dead, the city was as peaceful as a cat crouched above a slow moving mouse on the floor below it. The opening scene introduces you to Scarecrow and sets the scene for the entire film: Gritty, dark, dangerous.

Scarecrow is set up to be Batmans enemy for the entire game and you start off innocently on top of the largest tower in the game, thinking you’re about to beat some punk doctors ass. You’re pretty wrong, really. I won’t go into detail, because this is a shitty pseudo review that you can link to your friends and tell them how terrible I am at writing; but also make an informed decision. But the next 100 hours of your life become consumed by some annoying dickshitter that doesn’t stop taunting you and giving you clues as to who he is, all while controlling an army and making you rip your hair out in frustration that he’s pretty much a younger brother with tanks. Lots of tanks, like a lot. Infinite tanks it seems.

There’s a lot of tanks.

The story of Arkham Knight was an absolute blast for me to play through on BroPlays. As someone relatively new to a less hoarse and more interesting Batman, it was refreshing and ridiculously exciting. The game engages you at points you thought you were free from. Gliding through the story the villains endlessly taunt you (The Riddler can die in a fucking fire.) and an old friend constantly badgers you at every climb up a building, every corner you pass.

Batman: Arkham Knight sets a beautiful pace compared to Arkham City. Unfortunately I avoided Origins because of rumoured bugs, and thankfully I was right. Unknowing of Origins and having played City just a few days before, Arkham Knight was like a french fry on a salad diet. The open world was a refreshing breath of air and gliding through the city was one of my favourite parts of the game.

Aside from flying around screaming “I’M BATMAN” over and over, the next most important thing in a Batman game has to be the combat. In Arkham Knight for me it was near flawless. Arkham City and Asylum felt like rigid, counter-obsessive doll fights in comparison. I actually screamed in excitement when I accidentally found out I could punch someone in the face rather than countering them. Gone are the days of spamming the counter button until you’re ready for a combo takedown!

The combat was fluid, free form, and exciting. There were also ninjas. Multiple movesets added, multiple takedowns that featured an exciting form of brutality that felt almost strange in a Batman game. Did I mention ninjas? The special enemies were near infuriating in large groups, but with a little careful planning you can learn to execute the perfect moves every time. From the get-go Arkham Knight had stable, consistent, and fluid punching bad guys in the face until they cried. They also added ninjas; That jump off each other and try to stab you. Ninjas belong in every video game, and they also beat dead horses.


Now that I’ve killed that joke, on to the next one! The batmobile, and enemies chances against it. The coolest addition is a car that’s actually a tank (Seriously, the enemies never stop talking about it. This isn’t a car.) It’s the batmobile turned into an incredibly awesome tank that has wheels that turn more directions than an owls head, and guns. Unfortunately the guns don’t actually kill people, because Batman is a major buzzkill, but there’s still guns.

The only downside to the batmobile is the game is centered around a LOT of it. There are more than a few missions where they force you into the batmobile — Tank with guns, remember that — and make you overcome a quick section of a mission to proceed. It wasn’t incredibly annoying for me, but it still grated my nerves a tad when I just wanted to roleplay as Mr.Fister the entire game and exact vengeance on thugs.

The game ran fantastic on my Xbox One and the graphics were fantastic for a console, which was surprising. With that, I would recommend picking the game up for an Xbox One or a PS4 due to some of the PC issues that have plagued it and actually caused Warner Bros to take the game off the steam store. It was probably the biggest downfall to this game for most people, that they couldn’t play it on the glorious master race without everything blowing up and destroying itself in your PC.

That being said, hopefully this will be a case of Arkham: Origins, and in due time all of the bugs will be fixed. Or at least the FPS. (That’s what everyone cares about right?). 

All in all, Batman: Arkham Knight has more awesome shit in it than I can cover in under 1000 words. Thankfully it was a really interesting perspective on what I already knew about Batman, and thankfully I got to almost, grind some thugs head under the wheel of the batmobile.

Game is 6/9, you should pick it up if you have a console and see it on sale.

Thanks for reading!

Jay Brotatoe – @twitchbrotatoe – BroPlays – BrotatoeTV