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Sometimes you have days where the snooze button is your best friend. You don’t want to get out of bed, or you want to wait another hour. You want to cook but you end up ordering in instead. The snooze button isn’t just something you hit on the alarm clock, and when you hit snooze on your broadcast you hurt it.

Consistency is key.

A day off on the internet is like 3 days, a week off feels like a month. On any platform even a second could mean missing something important. Sit there and watch your twitter feed for 20 minutes, watch every tweet and read every tweet. Think of how different it looks compared to when you usually check it every hour, or once a day. Your viewers aren’t going to constantly check if you’re live. They’re going to check it once, and if you miss that window of opportunity, they’re somewhere else when you might actually go live. 

Think of your favourite TV show, think of when new episodes are out. Think of the basketball, football, and hockey seasons. They all come on at the same time, without fail. As broadcasters we have ultimately more freedom and less variables than they do, and sometimes that turns us in the wrong direction.

A day off feels great, it feels good to break free and relax and just chill. But for every single day you take off, it’s like missing 3 days of work. Every hour you are late is equivalent to missing a day. A lot can happen in an hour on Twitch.

Consistency is one of the most important things to apply to your broadcast. It’s a strong foundation for success, and an even stronger proof of your drive and your determination. If you can only stream 4 times a week for 3 hours, schedule it and stick to it. Life happens, and you can’t be expected to be live 365/24/7. However, your viewers knowing the time and day you are going to be live is not a bad thing, at all.

Pick a start time, pick a schedule, do it for a month and see if it works. If it doesn’t work you can always adjust and you can always flex the schedule to suit your needs. Life is always changing around us and you shouldn’t be scared to find something flexible for you. There is no shame in a day off, but if you haven’t anything better to do why wouldn’t you want to be working towards your dream?

It took me months to find a time that worked for me and even longer to acknowledge I wanted to be live every day, and had to. I fought and struggled some days to get out of bed but after awhile the thought of keeping your “streak” of days consecutively live, becomes a little fun. A schedule should be suited to fit your needs, not when there are no other people streaming on Twitch, and basing your schedule around others just sucks to keep up with. Find something that works for you, find something that lets you have fun, worry about the serious stuff later.

Consistency with games exists too.

Everyone wants to play any game they want, every day they want. Everyone wants to make their own hours and play the silliest game they can find in hopes that everyone will enjoy it as much as they do. Consistency exists in your game choices, and can also be a huge thorn in your side if you aren’t consistent. If you’re playing League of Legends one day, and then an obscure indie game for another week, then jumping to a AAA title and back to League of Legends halfway through, your viewers will be confused.

Finding common games to play consecutively is a huge thing, and people want to watch you play through a game if they see you start it. Sometimes games don’t work out, sometimes you end up disliking them! (I just stopped Deus Ex because of this.) If this happens constantly though, maybe you want to look into one game you enjoy, rather than several.

Finding the right game you can be consistent with is both a mixture of finding a game that you find fun and that the viewers find fun. You should seriously consider before jumping on the next hottest title every week, because eventually they run out. If you like a game, play it and enjoy it and share the experience with others. We all have days where we don’t want to play a game, I usually just sit there and talk for 4 hours straight if that happens.

Everything in moderation.

Don’t underestimate a day off either. It might be a step back in progress, it might be a missed opportunity, and it might be a mistake. It could also be a breath of fresh air that you need, it could help cure that casters block you have, and it could be time to go and grab a beer with those friends you’ve been declining. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

The most important thing with consistency is to find a balance that both you and your viewers can appreciate. While it’s such a crucial thing to be live as often as you can be. It’s also crucial to give yourself time to relax, recuperate and to just be yourself. Don’t get so caught up in your casting that you forget it’s your Mom’s birthday like I did.

Burnout is a huge thing when you’re working hard, and is something to keep in mind when you push yourself harder than you have before. Choose a schedule that works for you, choose games you can play for longer than 4 hours, and don’t forget to take moments to yourself.

Always be casting. Settle on a game. Chill out and have a beer when you can.

Thanks for reading!

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