I’ll be in NYC from the 17-19th and figured it would be a good time to hold a small get together on the 18th! The plan is to meet at a location, find a food truck or some place to hangout for a solid hour, then find a local bar for a few rounds on me! The location will be public for any potential underage viewers that might want to visit. If you are underage please bring a parent or guardian to get you home safely, and to be responsible for you.

Location: Stairs of the Rockerfeller Center 1535 Broadway – New York – NY 10036 – United States

Time: 9:00PM Local Time (Eastern Standard Time)

Date: July 18th

Contact Kik: Twitchbrotatoe – Alternatively tweet @twitchbrotatoe

I’ll be tweeting out an exact location and picture so you know what to look for if you’re unfamiliar!

Please keep in mind that I will most likely be limited to being out for a couple hours as I have a flight early in the morning, but I want to meet and get to know the people in the area that make the community what it is, and have them meet each other! Don’t be shy, and get ready for butt touches from everyone! Please remember to be respectful to each other, no dingus activities allowed!