So you guys know I was in New York last weekend with Josh. We had an absolute blast, and regrettably could only stay for about 2 days total. I brought my brand new Canon Rebel t3i and used it for the first time in the most tourist-y amateur fashion, it was cringe worthy and great.

Favourite memory of the trip would have to be either having drinks on top of the Hyatt hotel with Futuremangaming¬†(who is a total boss if you didn’t already know).¬†Or, the first night being in town having to chase Josh down Broadway 14 blocks because there was a traffic jam and he needed to wheel his 90 year old grandmother in her wheelchair to see a broadway show, we were thankfully only 5 minutes late.

Most of these pictures were unfortunately taken from a car window, or random glimpses of things as we were walking as it was kind of a go-go-go weekend. But the one place we got to stop was Josh’s grandmothers and mothers home town(?) where Josh’s grandmothers father built a house. It was a really peaceful and serene place about an hour drive out of NYC, and I got to get to know his family finally.

There are pictures missing that can only be found on my twitter, pictures of meetups and of beautiful tater peoples that we hung out with. I wish I could compile them all, but I’ll remember it for the next trip!

Unfortunately the pictures are out of order, and some are taken on my phone as well (Hopefully you can tell the difference). But,¬†I hope you all enjoy the pictures, and apologies if they’re a little late!