So if you’ve been living under a rock or took a day off Twitch today - March 27th – you probably missed Ultra being streamed.

I’ve personally never seen this event, or heard of it. I was so blown away by the production quality of the event and the amazing music that was played. It’s one of the most intense things I’ve seen music wise in awhile. I’m currently watching “Alesso” perform with these fuckin’ sick visuals on 6 different massive tv screens around him, and the crowd is going crazy. Twitch chat and twitter have been going crazy all night (sorry if you follow me!).

The show is absolutely insane and I had to start blogging about it while watching, but one thing that really struck me as odd was the content on the Twitch stream. As a lot of people know it’s been made clear that you aren’t supposed to wear anything too revealing on Twitch anymore. The really confusing part is that this entire crowd is new shirtless with twerking, full pan tit shots bouncing in the camera and shirtless guys walking around.

I couldn’t give a shit more than the fact that this is exactly what Twitch told us to stop months ago. It sends a confusing message. I think it’s a fantastic event, and obviously twitch can’t moderate the people attending the event. However, is this an exception being made because of the event, or are they just blind to it?

Unfortunately there has been somewhat of a stink made around the event so far, with the partial nudity. I think only because of the huge disparity between the rules of conduct/Terms of Service and what’s being shown. It sadly feels like a “Do what we say, not what we do” mentality. Especially with a disaster that happened not weeks ago, with a borgore concert. (It was pretty heavily sexualized and the cops actually came to shut the party down, then borgore proceeded to go to Ustream afterwards.) 

I love the Music section on Twitch for events like this, and the creative side of it all. It just leaves a lot of us confused and wondering, where does music fit on Twitch with things like this?