Seriously, it’s just rehashed animations, sounds and all of the mechanics. They all scream “Dark Souls 1 with guns

They also scream “FUCKIN’ AWESOME!“. I’m absolutely loving every second of Bloodborne while I’m streaming it. There are so many things in this game that have made me stop for a minute and go: “Whoah”.

Everything in the game so far has been so visceral, quick and aggressive. The enemies come at you faster, stronger and with more tact in battle. They always seem to outsmart me in combat and half the time I’m frantically swinging my shitty little greatsword around until it hits something. Fortunately, I switched over to the stake driver. If you were wondering, it is as amazing as it sounds. I’m essentially punching the shit out of things with a massive spike on my fist that also slashes like a shortsword.

Bloodborne definitely rewards that fast and aggressive playstyle. They want you up in the enemies faces, kicking ass and pushing yourself as fast as you can. Dark Souls and Bloodborne might have so much in common, but who cares? Dark Souls rewards patience, Bloodborne punishes it.

I don’t know how many times while using my slow, clunky, swinging greatsword that I was near the point of screaming because I was being overwhelmed. The damage on the one hander that came with it was reasonably terrible too, so I was shorthanded the entire time. After switching to the Stake Driver I can feasibly shove fantastic gourmet meat down my enemies throats, along with a spike.

Bloodborne is absolutely Dark Souls with guns. There is no argument from me against the fact that a lot of the game looks, feels, and sounds like Dark Souls. I see no problem however, because I damn well love Dark Souls. The most unfortunate thing about Blood Souls so far for me is the loading times, and the vial system. The reality is that if you fail on a boss and waste 10 vials, you’re probably going to have to go and farm another 30 before attempting the boss again. It’s infuriating, but it rewards you when you do it right. I just wish it didn’t take so much of my time to do so.

Bloodborne is a solid 420/69 for me so far, and I will be posting a full review on it on this blog when I’m finished with the game.

What do you think of the game so far? Leave me some comments down below, and tell me how you feel about the similarities between the souls series and this game!