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Twitch 101: Networking as a Twitch broadcaster

Hi everyone, welcome to a new segment I’m launching here on my website dedicated to helping broadcasters on Twitch. These posts will be geared and focused on helping you, or people you know, with the knowledge I have. These posts are not designed to get you a six figure salary from Twitch. They are to help you overcome roadblocks, be a better broadcaster, learn things you didn’t know and help yourself.

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A look at The Order: 1886

I played through The Order 1886 recently on BroPlays for the disappointingly short 7 hours it was. To my surprise, I really liked it. The game is touted as a 5 hour cinematic with an hour of gameplay, a valid observation. My argument the entire time was, and still is: “Why not?”. The Order was fun, but unfortunately not the $70 CAD kind of fun. What I would pay for

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Thank you; <8 to you.

I’ve been cleaning my house for the last three hours top to bottom. To say it sucks is a serious understatement. But, I’ve come to realize that’s okay. As I’ve been cleaning and ritually swearing that I’ll be better and do better, to clean before a mess happens; I’ve realized something. All it took was a little perspective for me to sit back and be reminded of how incredibly lucky I

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It’s the little details..

So sorry for no BroTalks today or any posts lastnight, I was in a meeting with my team for a solid portion of the night and was then up until 7 AM today! ;_; It’s a miracle I even woke up for today’s broadcast. Aside from being sleep deprived, today’s cast was awesome. I started playing through The Last Of Us for the second time on the remastered version. I played through

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BroTalks – 03/31/2015

Ready Player One was such a good book! I can’t believe I one sat it, but I guess I needed it. Have you read Ready Player One? If so, what did you think! Let me know in the comments below. If you have a book to suggest to me, I’m totally open to new ones! Just leave em in the comments below. Also something I forgot to mention, the BroCrate

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New Books! Ready Player One

So I finally decided to get off my ass and do something more than just watch Twitch outside of casting on Twitch. (Exciting right?). This being said, watching Twitch is always a blast, but I’ve been craving something a little more. I went on a spree on Amazon the other day and bought a few books which thankfully arrived today, booya Amazon Prime! I ended up picking up The Book by Alan Watts,

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi Everyone!  If you’ve clicked on the link I’m going to assume you’re interested in some sort of blog content from me, or are curious about it. Either way, welcome! I’ve been working on this internally for awhile and I’m excited to introduce this to all of you. Normally I use Medium to post thoughts and ramblings, rantings and ravings, anything that comes to mind. Here will be a better

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I was featured in an article! …. Kinda

So I was featured in an article the other day when Twitch went through the problems with password resets and the looming rumours of a security breach on the site. It’s not an actual feature, but I’M ON THERE BABY! It’s also BBC Technology!

Bloodborne is just a Dark Souls Clone

Seriously, it’s just rehashed animations, sounds and all of the mechanics. They all scream “Dark Souls 1 with guns“… They also scream “FUCKIN’ AWESOME!“. I’m absolutely loving every second of Bloodborne while I’m streaming it. There are so many things in this game that have made me stop for a minute and go: “Whoah”. Everything in the game so far has been so visceral, quick and aggressive. The enemies come

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