Some tunes! Bon Iver

One of my favourite songs out there right now. Can’t get enough of the powerful lyrics. I hope you enjoy! What music do you typically listen to? Let me know down below! 

It’s the little details..

So sorry for no BroTalks today or any posts lastnight, I was in a meeting with my team for a solid portion of the night and was then up until 7 AM today! ;_; It’s a miracle I even woke up for today’s broadcast. Aside from being sleep deprived, today’s cast was awesome. I started playing through The Last Of Us for the second time on the remastered version. I played through

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BroTalks – 03/31/2015

Ready Player One was such a good book! I can’t believe I one sat it, but I guess I needed it. Have you read Ready Player One? If so, what did you think! Let me know in the comments below. If you have a book to suggest to me, I’m totally open to new ones! Just leave em in the comments below. Also something I forgot to mention, the BroCrate

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New Books! Ready Player One

So I finally decided to get off my ass and do something more than just watch Twitch outside of casting on Twitch. (Exciting right?). This being said, watching Twitch is always a blast, but I’ve been craving something a little more. I went on a spree on Amazon the other day and bought a few books which thankfully arrived today, booya Amazon Prime! I ended up picking up The Book by Alan Watts,

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BroTalks – 03/30/2015

I can’t stop thinking of Bloodborne, where to go, what to do next, what to level up. It reminds me of my favourite game as a kid: Dark Cloud 2. When I was a kid I used to only be able to play Dark Cloud 2 every 2 weeks for 3 days when I went to my dads house. I was obsessing over what to do when I wasn’t playing,

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So, apparently Halo 5 was just announced and a trailer dropped on Youtube to give the news. I’m unsure of where this trailer came from but oh goodness is it a great one. The trailer gives an ominous hashtag to follow (Wow, never thought I’d say that) and says the game is due October 27th. It paints a really grim scene for Halo 5. What is going to happen to Master Chief?

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BroTalks – 29/03/2015

Good morning! Here’s the first BroTalks launched with the website. I talk a little about my cats shitting all over my life and what this website will be used for. Leave any suggestions you have on what you’d like to see or hear me talk about on the website and the VLOGs! I will absolutely be happy to answer anything I can <8

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi Everyone!  If you’ve clicked on the link I’m going to assume you’re interested in some sort of blog content from me, or are curious about it. Either way, welcome! I’ve been working on this internally for awhile and I’m excited to introduce this to all of you. Normally I use Medium to post thoughts and ramblings, rantings and ravings, anything that comes to mind. Here will be a better

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BroTunes – London Grammar

This set here is a 15 minute set done on a radio show called KEXP, and is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been obsessed with this set for a long time and wanted to share it. Fun Fact – This set was the reason, and inspiration for me doing BroRadio! The “You’ve got a Tune to…” was something I picked up here. 

I was featured in an article! …. Kinda

So I was featured in an article the other day when Twitch went through the problems with password resets and the looming rumours of a security breach on the site. It’s not an actual feature, but I’M ON THERE BABY! It’s also BBC Technology!