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Canadian Entertainer of 21 years old. Producing content professionally on Twitch for 4 years. Crazy cat man and Personal Relations for Main Menu. BroLove to You! <8

BroTalks – 28/03/2015

Here’s Today’s BroTalks! I talk about Ultra on Twitch, talk about this blog, and plans for channel giveaways!

Bloodborne is just a Dark Souls Clone

Seriously, it’s just rehashed animations, sounds and all of the mechanics. They all scream “Dark Souls 1 with guns“… They also scream “FUCKIN’ AWESOME!“. I’m absolutely loving every second of Bloodborne while I’m streaming it. There are so many things in this game that have made me stop for a minute and go: “Whoah”. Everything in the game so far has been so visceral, quick and aggressive. The enemies come

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Ambition is not a dirty word, piss on compromise – Go for the throat

- Steven Erikson, Gardens of the Moon

Music on Twitch

So if you’ve been living under a rock or took a day off Twitch today – March 27th – you probably missed Ultra being streamed. I’ve personally never seen this event, or heard of it. I was so blown away by the production quality of the event and the amazing music that was played. It’s one of the most intense things I’ve seen music wise in awhile. I’m currently watching “Alesso” perform

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Some BroTunes!

What’s your favourite band? Let me know down below! Here’s my favourite song, in the entire world. I’ve actually seen Death Cab in concert years ago when they debuted this album and they are absolutely fantastic live. Enjoy!

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