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Lydia – Highly Suspect

One of my newest jams lately, something I’ve been obsessed with is this song. It’s so aggressive and it gives me such a huge release, my neighbours probably aren’t too happy about it! Let me know what you think of it!

Twitch 101: Over-Focusing and You

Hi everyone! Here is the fourth post in the Twitch 101 series. These series once again are hugely supported by my Patreon, so be viewer or else, support is always appreciated. Regardless, these will continue to come for free for aspiring broadcasters and the like. Again, these posts will be geared and focused on helping you, or people you know, with the knowledge I have. These posts are not designed to

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Some Fanart from KateMonsterful!

 I was drawn with pigtails awhile back, and I felt I had to share! This was done by http://twitter.com/KateMonsterful ! What do you think? Would you do me? Id do me. If you’ve ever sent Fanart I can feature on the site please let me know! <8