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Pictures from this week – July 2nd

So we took the day off the stream today, and decided to pick up my little brother for some fun and going to check out some stores. Downtown there were still some celebrations going on from Canada Day, and festivities plenty. We went for lunch and I did a little shopping. Finally got my newest watch fitted, and bought me the starter packs and compendiums/rulebooks for D&D 5th edition! I

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Pictures from this week – July 1st

Some more food porn and good times for July 1st! This was Canada Day. The holiday celebrating Canada coming together under sovereign rule from 3 colonies, 156 years ago. We usually celebrate it the same way as Americans celebrate July 4th. Fireworks, good food, and beer! Enjoy the food porn and check out the view from the beach next to my house!

Pictures from this week – June 30th

So my moderator Chistopher — MrDorkabilly — came up to Barrie this week, on an anniversary of being here last year! We’ve been hanging out, eating good food and doing some casting on BroPlays. A lot of laughs, good talks and some good vibes have been going on this week so far. Enjoy the food porn and don’t complain if you’re hungry!